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All through a 30 years long experience in business as a manager, a senior Human Resources Officer, and a Coach, I had the very interesting opportunity to study and apply all sorts of tools used in Personal Development, such as needs-resources analysis, conflict management, transactional analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programmation, NonViolent Communication, …

I define myself like I am at the service of others (adults, teenagers, children) through a participating process. My mission consists in making it possible that the person becomes fully aware, gets in touch with the true self, and the infinite inner abundance. Hypnotherapist

Today I propose entirely concrete actions-oriented supports in personal and professional contexts aiming real transformation, accomplishment of the being, using different tools such as:

Hypnosis and coaching :

  • Feelings, needs, resources analysis;
  • Self confidence, self esteem;
  • Stop addictions (tobacco, sugar, …);
  • Modify attitudes that impact negatively daily life;
  • Anchor positive thinking;
  • Get rif of limitating thinking;
  • Get connected with the true self.

Professional/academic switch Coaching :

  • After analysing real needs behind the emotions.

Therapeutic Hypnosis :

  • Analgesia and chronic pain;
  • Allergy and asthma;
  • Weightloss;
  • Depression, burn-out;
  • Stress;
  • Fears, pho bias;

Family and systemic Constellations :

The Client explains the Facilitator his.her problem and chooses representatives amongst the participants. They stand in the space of the energetic field (in case of individual constellation, we use cards or figurines as representatives), they can move and express their physical and emotional feelings. They can move and express release phrases until they feel appeased and back to serenity and balance.

  • Family problems in all aspects;
  • Relation difficulties in all life spheres;
  • Place problems;
  • Self confidence, self esteem;
  • Health problems;
  • Anguish, fears;
  • Sexuality;
  • Couple problem;
  • Mourning;
  • Professional project;
  • Choice making etc.

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