Sébastien Renouprez

Coach neurocognitivism expert, career coaching.

I graduated as a civil engineer from UCL in 2007, and after nearly 15 years spent in project management and consulting, I now divide my time between coaching, training and support for groups in collective intelligence. With my professional experience in the commercial and non-commercial sectors (Toyota, Mobistar, GSK, Les Scouts ASBL, Zero Waste Belgium, etc.) and my coaching training, I help my clients understand the way they function so that they can better mobilize their full potential, whether for private or professional issues.

My favourite areas are :

  • Stress management;
  • Managing energy and motivation;
  • Professional reorientation;
  • Relationship difficulties;
  • Suffering at work and post burn-out support.

My training and my career :

I started my coaching training in 2015 with the Leading & Coaching Academy, in parallel with a career change triggered by an episode of intense stress and loss of meaning during my last consultancy assignment. This led me to start as managing director for Les Scouts ASBL, for a 3-year term. I learned a lot about managing people, about myself and about my ability to continue to experience stress despite being in a  role aligned with my values! This pushed me to look for new trainings, and my encounter in 2019 with the Neurocognitivism gave me a better understanding of the mechanisms in the brain which causes stress, how to better manage them and sometimes even deal with them.

Today, I am both a trainer and group facilitator in collective intelligence for public and private organisations and a coach for private individuals, within the therapeutic centre A(p)prendre Racines. My coaching is mainly based on Neurocognitivism, but also uses concepts and tools from Neurolinguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis and systemic approach. I adhere to the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation, which guarantees among other that the content of the sessions is protected by professional secrecy.

Live with clarity, pntegrity, purpose, and authenticity. Be unapologetically you.

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